Saturday, August 20, 2011

You really would think I would be used to this by now.....

If there is one thing that being a parent and struggling with infertility would teach me is patience. You wait for everything in both categories. With children, you wait for them to eat, wait for them to poop, wait for them to finish putting their shoes on so we can go outside, wait for their temper tantrums to subside, wait for their tears to stop as you comfort whatever ails them; the list goes on. With infertility, you wait for appointments, doctors, test results, medications; you name it, you wait for it. So you would think with all this waiting that I would be a super-patient person, right? With my girls, I find that patience is an ever-renewable source. Even in the worst of moods, one of them with say or do something that will crack me up and certainly require a kiss or hug at the very least. My patience with this whole infertility thing, however...well, let's just say that we really are not on good terms. I got what I thought was a positive OPK two days ago. I bought the more expensive, digital, reputable brand only to find out that several tests in the box were duds. This led me straight to the doctor's office where I now have to go in EVERY SINGLE DAY for bloodwork to see where my LH levels were at. Yesterday they were 11.6, progesterone was less than 1 (which is good, it means I haven't ovulated yet). Today progesterone was 8. I know that LH fluctuates, but my CD 12 ultrasound showed four promising follicles, 2 which were likely to actually become a "good" follicle. So this means that I have not yet reached my LH surge, so ovulation is still in the future by a few days.

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