Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 weeks, 2 days pregnant

Well, Baby Bean, you gave us a scare on Sunday night. I was so overwhelmed at the thought that we were losing you, that when I finally looked up at the ultrasound, my mouth hanging open, I had no words. I just looked. I saw your tiny beating heart, watching as you waved your arms and legs in protest of being woken up so late at night.
As I sat in the hospital after all the tests were done, waiting for the ultrasound results to come back, my mind was racing. It didn't matter that it was 2 in the morning. All that mattered was that you were okay, and you were growing big and strong. When the doctor finally came back with the results, I breathed a hesitant sigh of relief. Though the diagnoses was "threatened miscarriage," the doctor told me that, though she wasn't supposed to say things like this, she really did not believe that was going to happen. There was a tiny bit of blood pooling on the placenta, which can be a normal thing. As this pregnancy progresses, it should go away, God willing. My hormones levels were really high, you were measuring right on to the day with your growth and you were moving around.
As I was getting dressed to go home, I thanked God that there was a positive outcome that day. As each day progresses, and I am still pregnant, I relax a little more. In reality, I know that we aren't out of the woods yet, though I try not to think about that.
We love you, Baby Bean. Please stick. Please stay. Please, please, please.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

7 weeks 3 days pregnant

Things are going well. I'm still having morning sickness. Actually, I can't even call it that; it's more like all-day sickness. I usually feel pretty good in the morning, then after I eat, I feel gross. Sometimes all I eat for dinner is saltine crackers and a tiny Coke to wash them down because the thought of cooking, much less eating, has me feeling awful.
I am starting to have some strage cravings though. Yesterday, I wanted Concord grapes BAD. The thought of them was making me salivate. So I went to Meijers, picked some up and I seriously can't get enough of them! Also, Kraft singles on wheat toast has become my best friend. I'm doing really well on my water intake. I have a 32oz Rubbermaid bottle that I probably refill 3 to 4 times a day, or more depending on the day's activites. Once I start to feel a little better, I will be incorporating more exercise into my routine. Avery and I go for a walk every morning and I plan to start swimming soon as well.
We got to see the heartbeat on Aug 31st. The baby looked great and was measuring right on target. The heartrate was 136, which I thought was low, but the doctor said that it gets higher by 10 weeks then stays steady. Shouldn't I remember this stuff from Avery?! So far, so good, my little bean!