Saturday, August 8, 2009

.....And I cried and cried. Yesterday, I received a light positive on a regular test and a "Not Pregnant" on this test. This afternoon, not using first morning urine, I received this beautiful message from the second stick in the box. This means that the amount of hcG in my body is increasing to support a pregnancy. Someday, I will show this little bean all that we went through to get him or her here.
I am still on pins and needles until I am in the clear because we are really very early pregnant. Only just 4 weeks. At this stage in the game, so much can go wrong, and unfortunately, I am more worried this time around because we have had so much disappointment in the past. I am trying to stay positive, eating healthy and still working out, although taking it a bit more easy; no weight-lifting. I have a beta blood draw Monday morning and will know my numbers by that afternoon. Here's to praying for high numbers!


  1. Oh Susan that is fantastic news!!! Congrats girl!

  2. OH! I am SO excited for you guys... keeping all four of you in my prayers. :)

    It's awesome to find out so early... that's when we found out with Maddie and I remember well that pins & needles feeling.