Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleepy baby

Man, that little girl has some energy. I wish I could take whatever she's running on and bottle it. I'd make a fortune! She doesn't really walk anywhere. She runs. And in circles if you let her, before she gets dizzy and falls down.
She didn't nap today. Naps are becoming fewer and farther in between, which is bittersweet for me. Bitter because I use that time to get some homework, housework, or a few minutes to breathe; sweet because I get that much more time with her. We got a lot done today. Picked up the house this morning, went to Lakeside Mall, came home, went grocery shopping, and then spent a good portion of the evening splashing around in her new swimming pool. Because of all of the busy events, dinner ended up being a little late, and she was conked out on her chair after only taking a few bites. I just walked in to check on her in her bed, and she's still in the same position she was in when I put her in there. Arms thrown back behind her head, and her mouth slightly open. She looks like her daddy when she sleeps. So sweet.
I am ready for bed now. I think I may be coming down with something. My throat started to hurt today and is starting to get scratchy. That's usually a sure sign that I'm about to get hit with something. I don't get sick very often, but when I do, it hits me hard.
Yawn. More exciting blogs to come later. Night all.

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